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Custom Art by Dean Loukes

If you have been in the power boating world long then you already know who this phenomenal artist is. Around 1997, he began to work more on large offshore race and pleasure boats.



After a couple years of painting these 47-foot boats by himself and with the help of two employees (still in his basement),he decided to hire a full-time painter. Mark Hughes, came on board as his business partner. They called there company “The Art Of Design”, TAOD for short.

Since the company started, TAOD has done specialty work for every major motor-coach and boat company, and has unveiled marketing ideas and designs to all major automotive companies through other companies. When a boat or motor-coach company is searching for a new look, they come to TAOD to create it for them.

TAOD’s unique approach has also helped it gain the sponsorship of vendors such as Media, Avery and SATA. This partnership approach has helped the company take on unique and demanding projects that range in size from business cards to railroad cars. TAOD is also a dealer for HRE rims, TUBI exhaust, Corsa Exhaust, Asset-Iwatta and Tire Rack for rims and tires.

Since 2005, TAOD has helped Outerlimits Powerboats develop its corporate image, propelling it to heights unheard of in the boating and design worlds. In raising the quality level of Outerlimits Powerboats, TAOD helped design and select interiors, and played a major part in adding graphics to the engine and bilge areas.

“We have launched Outerlimits to a design level that has never before been seen,” Loucks said.

The last few years have seen TAOD rising to new heights with airplanes and helicopters. In fact, after a helo ride in Arizona one Sunday, Loucks (never one to let the grass grow under his feet) scheduled his first flying lesson the very next day. Two weeks later, he bought a helicopter and has flown it around the country many times.

Please enjoy the below artwork you can click on the title to any series to be taken to the page on Dean Loucks site. Though much of the original art has been sold they offer prints for purchase. This is but a small representation of the work on Mr. Loucks site so take your time and explore all he has to offer. It is with great pleasure that we bring you the artwork by Dean Loucks.

Boat Series


Drinkware Series

Seascape Series

Landscape Series

Fish Series

Automobile Series

Money Series



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