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Diamond Propellers

Diamond Propellers

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SL Series Propellers

SL 4 and 5 Blade Series Propellers If your boat needs a  propeller with some built-in cup to the trailing edge, the SL Series is the ideal choice. This series of propeller is designed to deliver maximum performance at all speeds. Works extremely well with high drive heights and high-tech ventilated step-vee hulls. High horsepower …

Pleasure Series Propellers

Pleasure 3, 4 and 5 Blade Series Propellers Looking for the right propeller to do it all? You’ve found it!  If you’re dissatisfied with the performance and overall efficiency of your stock  aluminum propeller, it’s time to try Signature’s Pleasure Series stainless steel propeller.  There isn’t anything it doesn’t do well;  the Pleasure Series delivers …

Bravo II / Houseboat Propellers

 Bravo II / Houseboat Propellers When you need to move a big load, this Signature propeller is more than up to the task. This propeller is designed for work, the tougher the better, with big blades and large diameter, it’s perfect for MerCruiser Bravo II and Konrad commercial stern drives. Price:  $685.00   Specifications Diameter …

Bravo III Series Propellers

Bravo III Series 4X3 and 4X4 Propellers Feel like you’re not getting the full potential out of your present Bravo III propellers? You’re probably not. Experience the performance difference with Signature’s 4X3 and 4X4 propellers, a 4-blade front propeller coupled with a cupped rear blade provide improved hole shot as well as increased efficiency and …

Inboard / Ski Boat Propellers

Inboard/Ski Boat Propellers Information Coming Soon

Performance Outboard Propellers

Performance 3 and 4 Blade Outboard Propellers The Eagle Series Propellers  are the ultimate outboard performance propeller. Whether you are running single engine bass boat or a twin engine cat, have a light weight v-bottom or tunnel-hulls the Eagle Series  has your back. Accompanied with a limited six month warranty, these propellers will outperform and …

Propeller Accessories

Propeller Accessories Please view below