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500 / 525 Throttle Bodies

500 / 525 Throttle Bodies Information Coming Soon

Spark Plugs

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs NGK’s been lighting up the industry since 1936, Don’t you think it’s time to put a little “spark” into your life with our Iridium Spark Plugs!  Since 1936 NGK has lead the industry in technology, innovation and world class design of its entire product line. You can depend on NGK for …

Oil Filters

Oil Filters Our Red, White and Blue theme now carries over into our oil filter line too.   We offer many unique Oil Filters, providing not only a great look but also high efficiency along with high flow characteristics.

Fuel Filters

   Fuel Filters American Hi-Tek sells a variety of High Quality fuel filters designed to for your marine engines specific needs.  These filters remove the smallest particles from the fuel while also removing trace amounts of water at the same time.                          

Coolant Tank

Coolant Overflow Tank (Does not fit with CMI Headers) Price:  $500.00