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634 Extreme Oil Filter

634EXT Oil Filter634 Extreme Oil Filter

This is an American Hi-Tek exclusive filter offered as an upgrade to the Mercury Racing 35-840634k01.

This filter was NOT speced out by Mercury but DOES have awesome specs which earned it our “Extreme” designation.  This is a full flow High efficiency filter which has no bypass in it, all the oil goes through the filter media, being filtered down to 16 microns.  The only reason the bypass was able to be eliminated is the amount of media in this filter, it would be virtually impossible to plug this filter. Flow on this filter is 45 GPM, more than half again what the factory filter flows while filtering down to twice as fine of particles as the factory filter.

Only available in a Polished finish.

Product Number:  634-EXT

Price: $100.00






Thread - 1 1/2" x 12
Height -10.25"
Flow(GPM) - 45
Bypass Valve - No
Anti-Drainback - No
Burst 375PSI
Efficiency - 99% @ 16 micron

634KEXT Oil Filter Top ViewTOP

634-EXT Top View

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