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Mercury Racing – 35-840634K01 Oil Filter

Mercury Racing Oil Filter 35-840634K0POLMercury Racing – 35-840634K01

These are the factory Mercury Racing 35-840634K01 filters.

A great factory filter at a more affordable price point.

Buy with confidence at these are the filters specked out by Mercury.

*This factory filter does flow better then the Fram replacement as proven by independent testing.








Thread - 1 1/2" x 12
Height - 6.2"
Flow (GPM) - 29
Bypass Valve - 22 PSI
Anti-Drainback - No
Burst - 500 PSI
Efficency 97% at 35 micron

Mercury Racing Oil Filter 35-840634K0POL

Mercury Racing Oil Filter # 35-840634K0POL


Product Number: 35-840634K01POL

Price:  $75.00









Mercury Racing Oil Filter 35-840634K01BLK

Mercury Racing Oil Filter # 35-840634K0BLK

Product Number: 35-840634K01BLK

Price: Black: $50.00











35-840634K01 Oil Filter Top ViewTOPMercury Racing Oil Filter # 35-840634K0 Top View

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