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Auto Tune Kits

Auto Tune for CMD Marine The CMD Auto Tune Kit is available as a single channel Wide Band O2 sensor or dual channel Wide Band O2 sensors. Plugs directly into the CMD Marine unit using the CAN accessory ports. Single channel wide band feedback will adjust the entire fuel curve for both banks. Dual channel …

American High Tek Introduces Wide Band 2

Wide Band O2

  Dynojet Wideband 2 What is the NEW Dynojet Wide Band 2? WB2 – Dynojet  Wide Band 2 is the second generation of Dynojet’s popular Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor kit with digital technology, quickest response in the industry, all with a lower price and a more compact package. Part Number: 15-7011 The Wide Band 2 …

American Hi Tek LCD Unit

Color LCD Monitor

Color LCD Monitor This optional LCD monitor not only gives the operator the availability to view multiple channels of live data such as RPM, Air / Fuel ratios, Throttle position, MAP reading, fuel correction factors, ect  it also serves as a data logger where parameters can be programed to record and then downloaded after returning …

American Hi Tek Marine Injection Tuner Cables and Misceallaneous Accessories

Cables and Miscellaneous Accessories

 Cables and Miscellaneous Accessories In addition to the above accessories, American Hi Tek also offers the below optional and/or replacement parts.