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Bravo I Drive Shower

Bravo 1 Drive ShowerBravo I Drive Shower

A simple but effective method of providing additional cooling for your out drive is this drive shower. This unit picks up water from the cavitation plate of your drive and discharges it onto the top bearing cap. This added cooling greatly enhances the life of your oil and longevity of the drive.






With this shower you will achieve the ultimate in cooling as the stainless steel top cap fully encapsulates the area above the drive, keeping the cooling water where it belongs, cooling the drive!  With a 22″ Braided Stainless Steel Hose the Bravo I’s sleek trouble free design is also complimented by ARP Stainless steel hardware, not polished hardware store bolts, If you’ve ever installed a drive shower before, did you wonder why you were replacing high quality 12 point bolts with hardware store quality bolts where you were doing your “upgrade”?  Buy with confidence from American Hi-Tek Inc.

Product Number:  BR1DS22

Price:  $125.00

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